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Welcome to birdcontrolmethods.com where we share over 100 years of bird control experience for free. This site provides you pigeon, vulture, starling, grackle, gull, sparrow, geese, duck, and other pest bird species methods, devices, tactics, and strategies. You will find advice on how to solve the toughest bird control problems and read reviews of how, where, and when bird control solutions work or not.
Bird control may be challenging at times because birds adapt or habituate to many methods rather quickly. “Bird Pressure” is very important. How many birds are in your problem area? When and Why?   Whether the bird pressure in an area is heavy or light will determine over time what methods succeed. Heavy and medium bird pressure are challenging for beginners because almost all beginners start with products that simply do not work if the birds prefer a certain area. Second to bird pressure is whether a method will work long term or if the materials will degrade quickly leading to additional costs. Because birds nest, roost, and perch in hard to reach areas, it is smart to choose a solution that lasts.     WE REVIEW & RATE ALL YOUR BIRD CONTROL OPTIONS FOR EFFECTIVENESS, LONGEVITY, AND MAINTENANCE COSTS.
“Like the sun rising and seasons changing….birds tend to be perpetual….”

On the Best Methods page, we describe the device/method and then we rate for Effectiveness 0 to 100%, we review Longevity with 25 years being 100%, and we project maintenance costs over 10 years from $ low to $$$$$ high.  For example, here we will review and rate Plastic Owls, Falcons and other Fake Predators.

Effectiveness 0% -100%


Longevity 1-25 Years


10 Year Cost to Maintain $-$$$$$



Plastic Owls, Hawks, Falcons, etc. Fake Predators


Very inexpensive


Not effective. Not aesthetically pleasing. Not serious or professional bird control.

"OH NO! Say it isn't so.... Because birds adapt and materials degrade....

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no like the method
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