Grackles and Grackle Control

Grackles roost in large numbers and make huge messes under trees.   Grackle control is routinely accomplished by a migratory bird control expert in Texas.  They have a process called an active barrier.  This bird relocation company in Texas easily relocates the birds and keeps them gone.  They charge a monthly fee and their reputation is that they never met a grackle infestation beyond their control.

Grackles are friendly birds that roam much of the US in large flocks most of the year.  In the spring and early summer, the larger black males and smaller brown females may become territorial around their nests and the grackles will roost in fewer numbers.  

Many Great Tailed Grackles are not migratory at all, thus you will see them year round in certain favorite areas year after year.

In the late summer through early spring, Grackles will roost in large roosts near downtown areas or at night in active parking lots with trees.  Grackles will fly over and locate the warmer areas to roost overnight.  The nuisance birds will leave a huge mess and carry many diseases and fungi.  Many parking lots in the south are microbe infested from Grackles.

In the Southern US, parking lots may be full of nuisance grackles that infest the air with disease and fungus, which may get in your lungs and all over your food.  Yes, the bird feces, urine, and excrement are flying through the air getting all in your lungs and all in your food.  Grackles eat insects and trash and then infested areas get grackle waste.

The air is a Grackles toilet and the air you breathe is their sewer.  Be careful where you shop and what air you breathe.  Demand that your local retailer relocate problem Grackles before your nasal cavities, sinus membranes, lungs, and food are contaminated with bird scat.  Do not buy illogical solutions like bird poop is natural, poop is natural no matter where it comes from, yet it is also nasty, disgusting, dirty, and disease infested no matter where it comes from also!  Grackle poop is nasty and should be dealt with accordingly.

There are 3 main species of Grackles in the United States.   All 3 species of grackles belong to the Icterid family.

The species are:

  • Genus Quiscalus

    • Great-tailed Grackle or Quiscalus mexicanus

    • Common Grackle or Quiscalus quiscula

    • Boat-tailed Grackle orQuiscalus major

Grackle control requires a specialist to keep them from your trees and eating areas.  There is really no stationary or static way to control grackles, unless you want to install nets and ruin the aesthetics of your trees.  The nets will last only a couple of years in the trees at the longest.  Nets do not work well in trees because of wind storms and growth.  Sonic devices will not work more than a few weeks, although many false promises come with these sonic devices, if it is not alive, then Grackles will learn to ignore it.  Birds of prey will on occassion work for a few days, yet the bird of prey will eat some of the Grackles during the process.  Birds of prey will not work if there is nesting or if the Grackles really like that spot to roost.  Again, Birds of Prey specialists will overpromise  because they are usually amateurs at bird relocation; they are usually making a few extra dollars off of their pet birds.  Birds of prey do make good news stories though, yet not very good for relocating Grackles. 

For Grackle control, bird control services for trees and ledges or electric barrier for ledges and signs are the true professional bird control methods.  Nets may work also for large open areas, yet are expensive.  Fogging is the worst way to move grackles.  Other ineffective grackle control includes sound devices and bird eye devices.  There was an article about a major chain in Austin Texas that bought thousands of dollars worth of such devices and these bird control devices did not work at all.  Before you waste your money on devices that will not work with Great Tailed grackles in Texas search for Texas grackle control for real grackle experts with guaranteed results.

Nesting problems make for another problem and must be dealt with by professionals with experience.

Bird Netting can be bought from Bird Barrier, Bird B Gone, FlyBye, Bird Busters, and others.  There is a company out of Texas called FlyAway that is expert at grackle control and they provide guaranteed bird control services nationwide.  Their reputation for controlling grackles is unmatched, and they say almost 100% success is routine.